February 1st, 2011 Best Collection of St. Valentine’s Day Wallpapers


Excellent St. Valentine’s Day Wallpapers

St. Valentines Day is the best day for celebrating love. It’s an annual commemoration held on February 14.

There are a lot of different legends about appearance of this holiday.

There were several priests who were martyred. Many Christian martyrs named Valentine. It was a day of remembrance. Initially, there was no romantic background with regards to this date. For the first time day began to be associated with romance in the circle of Geoffrey Chaucer in the High Middle Ages, when the tradition of courtly love flourished. This holiday was removed from General Roman Calendar and became a local or national celebration.

In Legent Aurelia the Early Medieval acts of Saint Valentine were summarised. Due to this version St. Valentine was persecuted as a Christian by Roman Emperor Claudius II. The Emperor questioned him personally and was very impressed, and even offered Valentine to take Roman religion (paganism), and he in turn would have mercy on Saint Valentine. The priest rejected the proposal and in turn tried to convert Claudius to Christianity. Because of this, he was executed. Before his execution a miracle happened, Saint Valentine healed the jailer’s daughter.

But still, this Legent Aurelia did not bind the Valentine’s Day with romantic relationship and sentimental love.
This correspondence was conducted in modern times.
According to this new legend, St. Valentine was a priest who violated the written law of the Roman Emperor Claudius II. The Emperor wanted to create a strong, powerful and tremendous army. He believed that married men can not become good soldiers. Therefore, all young men were forbidden to marry. A priest secretly conducted the wedding ceremony for young man. When Claudius found out about what was happening, a priest was imprisoned.

There is the complement to The Golden Legend, although it has no historical background.
Before his execution, the bishop, St. Valentine wrote himself the first “valentine” and sent it to a young girl, likely his beloved. Maybe it was the jailer’s daughter, whom he befriended and whom he healed. The note was a sign “From your Valentine”.

Nowadays, millions of people celebrating Valentine’s day greeting each other, showing their feelings, expressing love, making proposals to their loving ones. They present little inexpensive symbolic gifts to their second parts. People give each other some flowers, souvenirs, sweets, and also sending greeting cards called “valentines”.The symbols of this holiday are doves, winged Cupids, roses, hearts.

On the eve of Valentine’s Day, the Web is filled with the holiday spirit of love, symbols, pictures, wallpaper on desktop, articles, gift ideas, etc.
We’re also happy to present you our collection of St. Valentine’s Wallpaper. You needn’t surfing through the Internet searching for best ones. They are all collected in our article. Don’t waste your time! Just enjoy!

Paper Hearts
best collection St-Valentine's_Day_Wallpapers_paper_hearts

Brick Heart
best collection St-Valentine's_Day_Wallpapers_tetris

Mega Love
best collection St-Valentine's_Day_Wallpapers_web

Pink Heart
best collection St-Valentine's_Day_Wallpapers_pink

Gray Heart
best collection St-Valentine's_Day_Wallpapers_flower_heart

best collection St-Valentine's_Day_Wallpapers_candies

Candy Hearts
best collection St-Valentine's_Day_Wallpapers_candy_heart

Box With Candies

best collection St-Valentine's_Day_Wallpapers_candy_box

Heart Box
best collection St-Valentine's_Day_Wallpapers_box

best collection St-Valentine's_Day_Wallpapers_bouquet

St. Valentine’s Day
best  collection St-Valentine's_Day_Wallpapers.jpg

Silver Man in Love
best collection St-Valentine's_Day_Wallpapers_silver_man

Love Sketch
best collection Saint_Valentines_Day_Love_felt-tip_pen

Apple With Love
best collection St-Valentine's_Day_Wallpapers_apple_heart

Love Is in the Air
best collection St-Valentine's_Day_Wallpapers_sky

best collection St-Valentine's_Day_Wallpapers_heart

Colorful Love
best collection St-Valentine's_Day_Wallpapers_love

Love Coffe Cup
best collection cup_Wallpaper_St_valentines_day

Two With Umbrella
best collection St-Valentine's_Day_Wallpapers_2_umbrella

Your Heart Is in My Hands
best collection St-Valentine's_Day_Wallpapers_heart_in_hands

I love U
best collection St-Valentine's_Day_Wallpapers_I_love_U

On the Love Cloud
best collection St-Valentine's_Day_Wallpapers_cloud

Heart-shaped Cloud
best collection Saint_Valentines_Day_Clouds_in_the_form_of_hearts

best collection St-Valentine's_Day_Wallpapers_bears

Romantic Evening
best collection St-Valentine's_Day_Wallpapers_romantic

best collection St-Valentine's_Day_Wallpapers_cupid

Two at Night
best collection St-Valentine's_Day_Wallpapers_night

Anywhere Together
best collection st_valentines_day_bicycle_two_love

Under Umbrella
best collection St-Valentine's_Day_Wallpapers_under_umbrella

St. Valentine’s
best collection St-Valentine's_Day_Wallpapers

At the Love Balloon
best collection St-Valentine's_Day_Wallpapers_balloon

best collection St-Valentine's_Day_Wallpapers_together

Love Wallpaper
best collection Love_Wallpaper_St-Valentine's_Day_Wallpapers

True Love
best collection St-Valentine's_Day_Wallpapers_true_love

Wooden People Can Also Love
best collection St-Valentine's_Day_Wallpapers_wooden_man

I Love You
best collection St-Valentine's_Day_Wallpapers_love_U

Together Forever
best collection st_valentine_day_unmbrella_love__hearts_cbest_collection

Love Has No Boundaries
best collection st_valentine_day_no_boundaries_love__hearts_cbest_collection2

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