January 12th, 2011 Drupal 7 Is Released to the Public!

New Version CMS Drupal 7!

Long-awaited Drupal 7 release was on January 5, 2011.
It’s ready made and can meet the needs of most demanding web developer virtuosos.
Drupal 7 contains both high range of functionality and simple in use.
This CMS is a new age in open source content management.

Info about Drupal 7
Hundreds of wise and productive people have been working at development of this system for two years and a half. Drupal developers proudly present us the Drupal 7 and consider this new CMS as the best of ever existed Drupal versions.

Easy in use
Administrative interface was totally updated and gives an opportunity to both customers and developers to feel comfort while using the functionality of Drupal 7.

Flexible content
New Field API can help to define a particular type of data that can be attached to entities.
Use the possibility to add easily custom data fields not only to content but for comments, users, terms and more.

Images and files
Drupal 7 opens up new possibilities of image handling.
New version let us to store files directly on alternative file systems such as S3 and also mix private/public files.

Drupal 7 has support for master/slave replication, advanced caching, content delivery networks and reverse-proxy.

Like most developers, we eagerly awaited release of Drupal 7.
We were widely used version of Drupal 5,6 to create our templates and unique sites Drupal Themes , and now happily proceed to development based on Drupal 7.
For more information about the versions of Drupal you can visit the official site Drupal.org.
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