November 27th, 2011 Inspiring Retro Logos Collection

Pepsi-Cola – Canadian bottle label – 1940’s

As you may notice, retro or vintage style is greatly popular in website design. Usage of this style in logo design is a widespread trend as well.

More and more people try to integrate older styles and colors onto their sites by means of up-to-date web design techniques and approaches, such as limited color palette, badges, circular formats, mixed textures, grunge elements, intricate vector patterns, etc. As a result, these websites produce greatly original and superb design.

Most often avocado green, burnt orange, light brown, matte gold and other pastel colors are used in retro website design, meanwhile retro logo designs tend to use sharper and brighter shades of these colors so to grab viewers’ attention.

Below is a roundup of good-looking retro style logos. Hope you like them!

Baby Junior

Portfolio Logo

Real Estate Solutions Today

Nomad logo

3 Rails Coffee Co.

Big Eds Guide Service

Red Bowl Challenge

Stock Rocked

Brandy Label

Love Cake

Maine Red Claws


South Austin

The Water Restaurant Logo


The Cabin

The Lost Cameleer Car Rally


Tin Shed

Pulp Magazine

Bacon TD

Ready Brew

The Olde World Rug Washing Company

Betty’s Fish & Chip Shop


Lapis Boenda

Bethesda Outreach Classic

K.C. Soap Co.



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